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Windows Latest version

You can perform either a basic install or clean install on updating:

Click here for basic install instructions.

If you experience any problems with your viewer after performing a basic install, our first recommendation is to reinstall with a clean install. Click here for clean install instructions. A clean install is also the best way to avoid many potential issues the first time.

SL-Only Viewers

Full-function viewers for normal SL use, including mesh uploading.

  • For SL only, 64bit: DOWNLOAD
    SHA1: 4b1825a91ef9dbe52620d633fa247298be287799
  • For SL only, 32bit: DOWNLOAD
    SHA1: dd7e88ad355d44c9e4e442c8949178cfe3025a62

SL and OpenSim Viewers

Only needed if you visit OpenSim grids; should not be used for uploading mesh to Second Life.

  • For SL & Opensim, 64bit: DOWNLOAD
    SHA1: 0cb57c547315978baaa3b3ca8cb45f689821712e
  • For SL & Opensim, 32bit: DOWNLOAD
    SHA1: dcf353eb42d2865ed92a5516fea551b88bf68ad2