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For a sneak peak at a few of the gifts our amazing merchants have hidden for you, please visit the Flickr page. Kindly do not ask where specific gifts are or which path and item number belong to a certain store/creator. It’s a treasure hunt, not freebie shopping 🙂


The Hunt

Oct 31 – Nov 30, 2015

Is divided into 5 paths, one on each sim. All the sims are connected, so you can walk from one to the next. All the hunt items are numbered. You are looking for a dirty skull with the Phoenix logo on its side.

The sims are all connected so you just walk around to get from one to the next or click the headings “Sim 1 – The Spooky Path” etc below to teleport to specific sim.




Sim 1 – The Spooky Path [Firestorm Support]

  1. Warm skulls roasting on an open fire…
  2. Hangin’ on a ledge, don’t push me off.
  3. the roof of the world is what i heave over my head
  4. No hint yet
  5. Under a bridge a troll may hide, past the first you should not stride; rather seek your hunter prize.
  6. I see the river getting close to the sea.
  7. “Getting ready to fall off a tiny cliff and take a dip into the ocean!”
  8. Where water are and where u can walk over
  9. Surrounded by flowers, I rest in peace..
  10. Find the place where sand meets sea; at the cliff I will be.
  11. ♪I’m sailing awaayyyy!♫
  12. “Atop a giant vase I sits, watching from above.
    From here I see a house of BlueAnd waterfalls and mist.”
  13. Moving too fast, The wind dances in my hair
    Sea foam sprays my golden face, Angel feet lift high off the ground
    Don’t step on me
  14. A river of life flows
  15. “There is a hidden message in every waterfall. It says, if you are flexible, falling will not hurt you!” “Oh I disagree, ” he called out as he tumbled and crashed against the rocks.
  16. “Be red or pink and collide”
  17. I’m going to end it all and jump….
  18. The Angel’s horn goes…toot toot
  19. I was dancing and accidentally dropped my gifts. They rolled right off the deck. 🙁
  20. I think I’ll lie down here for a bit and cover myself from the wind.
  21. I’m watching the waterfalls.
  22. Where a river runs thru it, you will find more than a rock
  23. Sometimes when the path leads you to a waterfall, you get stuck between a rock and a hard place!
  24. I am crossing water.
  25. The biggest trees are the best to climb ……
  26. Dance with the blue butterflies around the cluster of stones
  27. Leave no stone unturned…wet or not.
  28. Blue Butterflys
  29. The prize you seek is down below…..look under the bridge to see it is so.
  30. I am like an apple falling from a tree


Sim 2 – The Bones Path [Firestorm HS1]

  1. “Warm rests the skull into ashes of an exotic peculiar dinner.”
  2. “His light is my beacon should I lose my way”
  3. Even in death I can see, through the light on top of the house
  4. I’m a light but I’m not a lamp..
  5. I love to see the whales swiming
  6. around the water, the chirping will help you to see the way
  7. up.. up.. up the hill to the waterfall hidden treasure
  8. I can see for miles and miles and miles
  9. Join me at the captain’s table! Don’t let the Kraken get you on the way in!
  10. Hidden between the rocks next to the shore. Is that a little boat I see near me?
  11. The old skull at the top of the mysterious lighthouse…
  12. Smile – You’re on Candid Cannon!
  13. The birds protect me where the water flows
  14. Among the snakey roots within the heart of the swamp shall you find your prize
  15. Don’t stomp your feet or you’ll give me a head ache!
  16. Under the board walk, down by the river
  17. To find me, follow the bushes & the huts. Do not step inside, do not step too wide away
    & this gift will be yours before the ending of the day!
  18. You can find me under the bridge, under water! 🙂
  19. A Rusty Old Anchor from a ship at sea a shore by the Old Anchor is where I’ll be.
  20. No hint yet
  21. (NOTE: This skull is incorrectly placed on sim 3 – Firestorm HS2) Row, row, row your boat
  22. Guide to sailors in fair or foul.
  23. We are stumps acting in Hamlet at the start.
  24. I is scared of gettin wet. I should be able to stay dry here
  25. Nestled between two rocks hiding from the lighthouse beam
  26. Tank Dress for Her and Squirrel Shoulder Pet for Him!
  27. Where do the stairs lead, It is scary in here!!!!!
  28. (NOTE: This skull is incorrectly placed on sim 4 – Firestorm SB)  A pirate must have stranded here in his little fisherboat and died next to it
  29. Down by the old roots and up on the hill
    take a deep breath the wind dos not stand still
  30. Not enough shade


Sim 3 – The Haunted Path [Firestorm HS2]

  1. If this burning barrel catches these crates on fire, this thing sure will come in handy!
  2. it´s burning !!!
  3. R.I.P like a rockstar ….
  4. Where is the best place to hide a skull?
  5. Honey, I have some good news and some bad news. I lost my head while driving, but it was in your collectible mustang. Sorry.
  6. From trash to treasure
  7. If you can’t recycle it…it goes in here!
  8. That crazy driver has lost his head
  9. I’m feeling boxed in.
  10. Let me sit a spell and get warm.
  11. If you’d like to make a call, please hang up and die again.
  12. I’m in a well but not the usual kind!
  13. That’s an awesome Vigilante Patrol Ornament!
  14. They don’t call me a Spoonlift.
  15. It gets smelly here!
  16. “OMG! was it that in the swordfish stomach? What a weird diet is that!”
  17. The bodies are always buried under the buildings.
  18. I’m all fueled up!
  19. Oh look a place to sleep.
  20. I’ve been sent to Davy Jones’ Locker!
  21. This spooky gift Generates a lot of Steam!
  22. A lonely Tree in a ruined House,im looking out of the Window!
  23. Be careful stumping through those woods!
  24. It may have rolled under the white vehicle in the back!
  25. So Trashy,yet…so exhaustingly bootiful.
  26. A hot drink in the cool shade
  27. No hint yet
  28. Look at the stairs of the abandoned small house
  29. I like to see the world from my window
  30. Don’t dig through the trash.


Sim 4 – The Creepy Path [Firestorm SB]

  1. Where the storm dropped me after a fight with the pirates..
  2. The answer lies near 6 eggs that will never hatch.
  4. The dead under water have vases, but no flowers
  5. to find this skull you need to look behind and under
  6. Plant a flower, no need to water.
  7. Hit your target. Don’t want to hurt anyone.
  8. Trick or Treat,Give me something good and pink to eat!
  9. Center Stage!
  10. Grab a flashlight and a pickaxe, Make your way underground,this is no fairytale and you…
    You are no Snow White… Be brave, don’t hesitate, The reward will be worth the wait.
  11. Well, you might want to look here to find me. The water isn’t in it, it’s all around
  12. No Hint Yet
  13. Play and see how strong you are. If you are the stronger you’ll find me.
  14. I watch over the drowned gates…
  15. Facing the sea, smelling salt and soil’ll head to hear the sirens died
  16. So up, up, up to the light!
  17. Thru the grass and under the sea, my final resting place is where you’ll find me.
  18. Can you escape the sunken ship?
  19. You might step on me when you’re dancing since I blend into the dance floor pavement! CRUNCH!
  20. I am on top of a huge cave, surrounded by trees
  21. There is no light at the end of this tunnel…
  22. “You like my movement?”
  23. I am as aged as the old decrepit ruins surrounding me.
  24. What kind of house is never heavy?
  25. Follow the light to the big house!
  26. You may loot the booty, but you can’t take the whales!
  27. This bird may never fly again..
  28. Girls n Boys – find the !Treasure! in a pirate’s boat where I’ve been caught in a net!


Sim 5 – The Wicked Path [Firestorm Showcase]

  1. This fly-boy is among the stars!
  2. When I die bury me where I can watch the fun.
  3. Stuck between a rock and a hard place at the Gates of Hell.
  4. The gift is sure to ROCK your world. You will probably have to STRIP to wear it. START looking now!
  5. In the captain’s cabin, he found no golden galleons – only a gnawing, gnashing, chomping and chewing demise.
  6. Steering a course through the murky depths
  7. I love rock & Roll
  8. Jean Claude “Van Den Brande”
  9. The old Firebird’s eyesight is not what it used to be. She mistook Prince Ivan’s head for a golden apple. Ooops.
  10. No hint yet
  11. I’ll help you to chill and crash
  12. I love shopping at the Container Store!
  13. We’re off to a squid start!
  14. Let me be by myself in the evenin’ breeze, And listen to the murmur of the cottonwood trees
    Send me off forever but I ask you please, Don’t fence me in
  15. Should you let the beacons guide you
  16. I wonder how much further the plane went, without this engine?
  17. oh buoy, between a rock and a hard place
  18. I’ve been waiting a looooong time for my flight!
  19. A light will show you the way to safety
  20. Octopus showed me the way to the rust in ruins
  21. Amongst the birds and the butterflies.
  22. “My job is to control all!”
  23. As above so below, it was almost caught in the mouth of a shark, oh no!!
  24. No Money, No Honey!
  25. Just chill and listen to some tunes!
  26. Red Bull gives you wings
  27. When someone arrived at the castle, friend or foe, he was the first down to greet them.
  28. Look in the brush where the orca swims!