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Development Team


Jessica Lyon (Jessica Trinity) – Project Manager & Founder – Email
Ansariel Hiller – Lead Developer – Email

Active Developers

Ansariel Hiller – Windows Developer – Email
Beq Janus – Windows Developer – Email
Kitty Barnett – RLVa Developer – Email
Mobius Ryba
– Windows Developer – Email
mygoditsfullofstars – Linux Developer & System Admin- Email
Panterapolnocy – Windows Developer – Email
Tonya Souther – Mac Developer – Email

Quality Assurance

Willow Wilder – Quality Assurance Lead – Email
– Quality Assurance – Email
Lassie – Quality Assurance – Email

Ongoing Contributors

Nicky Dasmijn
Liny Odell
Vortex Saito
Wolfspirit Magic

Honorary Wall of Developers 
Past and Present

Ansariel Hiller
Arrehn Oberlander
Beq Janus
Cinder Roxley
LordGregGreg Back
Kadah Coba
Kitty Barnett
Liny Odell
Mobius Ryba
Nicky Dasmijn
Selo Jacobus
TankMaster Finesmith
Techwolf Lupindo
Tonya Souther
Tozh Taurog
Vortex Saito
WoLf Loonie
Wolfspirit Magic
Zi Ree