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Archive for August, 2018

Gacha! A Firestorm Fund Raiser!

On January 29th, 2016, we ran a fund-raiser by selling custom Firestorm-branded jackets and were absolutely blown away by the community support. We’ve been covering our increasing overhead and operating costs with those funds ever since, but those funds are running low now.

We need to replace our our main server, which hosts our Jira, web site, wiki, code repository, etc as it is long past its prime, and we’ve had plenty of outages over the past year as a result. We also continue to provide the Kakadu codec to the Firestorm viewer to bring you superior rendering, but this comes at a hefty annual licensing cost. Finally, we use some of the funds to pay recurring (subsidized by LL) estate fees as well as commissions for the Firestorm Community Gateway, where we are doing amazing work in the area of new-user retention and new-user help.

To raise needed funds for Firestorm, we bring you…

Gacha Fund Raising!

For months now we’ve been collecting and categorizing hundreds of unusual and interesting gachas from around SL in hopes some of you may be interested in buying them. Prices are as varied as the selection!

Although we may sell out quickly, this will be an ongoing, long-term project. We hope folks will continue to donate gachas to us and will return to buy gachas in turn, so check back often!

The gacha sales location can be found in world here!

There is also an option there to provide L$ donations OR you can still buy Firestorm jackets at our marketplace store!

For gacha donations please send them to Kio Feila in world.

All funds raised will be used directly and solely towards our operating costs and overhead. (Firestorm personnel are volunteers and receive no compensation.)


On behalf of myself, and the entire Firestorm Team…

THANK YOU for your support! We love you all!

Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc.