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Archive for June, 2017

Firestorm Release

It’s been a whopping six months since our last release, so this one is well overdue. We’ve had oodles of QA testing time with this build, and a special thanks goes out to our dedicated Beta testers and our contributing Preview group members.

This version brings us up to parity with LL 5.0.5 codebase, and although this release doesn’t have a lot of new shiny features, it sure is loaded with bug fixes, so we’re still considering this a significant update. With this release we will stick to our three-version rule, and in two weeks’ time we will apply a block to our three-versions-old 4.7.7 for Second Life logins. It will continue to work for OpenSim. Versions 4.7.9 and 5.0.1 will continue to be usable for now.

It is worth noting that a great deal of this release comprises bug fixes, features and improvements from Linden Lab. They’ve been VERY busy and VERY productive, so folks shouldn’t be saying LL isn’t actively developing, because they sure are, and they deserve lots of credit for their efforts.


A short list of highlights is below, and there’s a full change log and a comprehensive review by Inara Pey:

  • New region and parcel access controls (Linden Lab);
  • Added ability to set custom folders for uploading items (Linden Lab);
  • Fixed broken scaling & bounding boxes when uploading mesh in multiple parts (Linden Lab);
  • Added group ability to “Ignore Landing Point” (Linden Lab);
  • Added “Duplicate” feature into Build-Object submenu (Linden Lab);
  • Added “Copy outfit list to clipboard” for Current Outfit folder (Linden Lab;
  • Improved layout of the Snapshot floater (Firestorm);
  • List the attachment spots in “Attach to” lists in alphabetical order (Firestorm);
  • Added toolbar button for “Show friends only” (Firestorm);
  • Many more including countless bug fixes, performance improvements, crash fixes etc.


As always, we recommend doing a clean install, but it is not necessary. For a text tutorial on how to do a clean install, CLICK HERE, and for a video tutorial, CLICK HERE.