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Archive for December, 2015

NEW: Share your love of Second Life with new tools

Explore - Landing Page Tablet Screenshot

As part of our plans to create a better Second Life new user experience, the Firestorm Community Gateway Project is in full swing. Last week we created a new set of tools designed to help you spread the word (without having to share your avatar name – unless you want to).

Here’s a bit of background:

You may remember we ran a survey a few weeks ago asking how likely people would be to promote Second Life to their RL friends and colleagues. After analysing the results of this Second Life NPS survey, we have created six compelling website pages that explain Second Life from the perspective of how people really use it. We designed these pages to introduce potential new users to key use cases of Second Life so that they can understand the value that is on the other side of joining.

Please visit the pages below and share them on your RL social media.  This is a critical part of making this project work and we are counting on you for your support.

Please take 10 seconds to share one (or more) of these pages below with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other RL social media:

Share the page(s) you feel your friends would most like

You can share links to these pages on social media, your personal blog, or by email. Just remember the target is people who are NOT using Second Life yet (to the best of your knowledge!)

If you’re spending time with people at the holidays, just load a page on your computer, phone or tablet and share them with the people you care about.

You sharing these pages is a critical part of making this project work and we are counting on you for your support

A new user who visits these pages gets a high level overview of what is possible in Second Life. If they like, they can then follow the calls to action (the big red buttons saying “Sign up free”) and get a free Second Life account through our API.

After downloading the Firestorm viewer, they will arrive at the Firestorm Community Gateway to begin their Second Life journey in a new orientation island. We hope this new sign-up journey is easier for people to understand and quicker for them to start benefitting from Second Life.

Best wishes,

Canary Beck,
Marketing Manager

P.S. Some of you may be hesitant to share these pages because you don’t want to share your Second Life identity with your RL friends and family. Don’t worry – you don’t have to. This is just a general high-level share of the concept of Second Life. Remember, you don’t need to share who you are in Second Life to share the platform itself as a great opportunity for someone to explore and enjoy.

29 photographers to represent Second Life in the first phase of Firestorm landing pages

Over 670 Second Life photographers submitted more than 5000 photos to the Firestorm Gateway Flickr Group. Most submitted their photos within 3 days of our request. Thank you to everyone for supporting this project! We received so many great submissions showing people using Second Life in so many different ways.

Firestorm / MadPea Ghost Town launch & Christmas Party!

Join the Firestorm & MadPea Teams for a HUGE party Dec 19th starting at 2pm with live performances from the amazing Seth Regan (Mankind Tracer), the visually stunning Changhigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow and DJs! Along with rejoicing the festive season, we’re celebrating the grand opening of MadPea’s all-new free-play game, GHOST TOWN, at the Firestorm Community Gateway!

We’ve got space for 200+ people! Plenty of room for everyone!

Region #1—   —Region #2—   —Region #3

FS-MP Party Poster2015