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Archive for November, 2015

Firestorm Update!

Our last release of 2015 is full of bug fixes and a few new features! This release brings us to parity with the Linden Lab official viewer v3.8.6. It includes Project Mesh Importer, which adds the ability to import mesh models with more than eight unique faces, and Project Notifications, which adds a notifications floater with four tabs, sorting your incoming notifications into System, Transactions, Invitations, and Groups.

As usual, there are far too many items to list in this post, but below are some highlights. For full release notes CLICK HERE.
For a more formal review see Inara’s post here

  • Updated KDU to v7.7.0 for faster and more reliable rendering performance;
  • Re-enabled option to upload mesh weighted to all attachment points;
  • Improved script error/debug window and new LSL preprocessor features;
  • Fix for Ctrl- and Shift-click nudging modifier keys in build menu;
  • Fun new tracker beacon “parking sensor” sound feature;
  • New ability to drag and drop inventory to friend list without having to open profiles;
  • New privacy features – silently refuse all friendship requests and reject teleport offers and requests from non-friends;
  • New toolbar button for group titles;
  • New auto-response status for the avatar nametag;
  • Fixes and improvements to the snapshot floater;
  • New feature to draw lines from avatars to their LookAt beacons.

In a few weeks’ time we will be applying a block to 4.7.1, but not yet to 4.6.9. The reason for this is that 4.7.1 was a beta and had some nasty attachment bugs on teleport. If you are on version 4.7.1, please upgrade to the new release. At that point in time, the versions you will be able to use are 4.6.9, 4.7.3, and 4.7.5, but note that only our latest release is officially supported.



The Firestorm Team!

Volunteer marketing position available!

Firestorm is hiring!

We are in need of a Marketing/Advertising Manager!

The lucky individual will be responsible for advertising and promoting Second Life to potential new SL users through the Firestorm Community Gateway and website. Your task, put simply, is to convince people to try Second Life!

The ideal candidate must be:

  • An existing user in Second Life with a solid grasp on what Second Life is and means to its residents;
  • Extensively experienced with internet marketing;
  • Thoroughly familiar with social networks and should preferably have large RL networks of their own;
  • A social bee!
  • A creative genius bursting with ideas!
  • Familiar with WordPress;
  • Able to put together basic web pages using images and video;
  • Capable of working with different networks of people.

Your pay will be the same wage that all Firestorm volunteers earn: the satisfaction in knowing you have made a difference to the many lives of Second Life users old and new! In other words, this is an unpaid position, as are all roles on the Firestorm Team. But being a member of the team has its own perks:

  • Access to nightly viewer builds;
  • Being the first to know about plans, events, and upcoming features;
  • Group-level rights and abilities on Firestorm regions;
  • Access to Linden Lab’s Third Party Viewer testing sandbox;
  • A shiny Firestorm Team label in the Account section of your profile, visible to other Firestorm users;
  • Free virtual cake and cookies!

If you are up to the challenge, please apply by sending a notecard with your information, experience and ideas to Jessica Lyon or send your application to her by email at The successful candidate will be selected, in part, on the basis of past social media and marketing experience and fit with the team.

The Hunt Continues!

While the Firestorm Community Gateway Launch/Halloween Party was a resounding success, the Spooky Nights Hunt continues until November 30th!

The hunt serves a few different purposes at the same time.

  • Offers users a large variety of really cool gifts.
  • Engages us with content creators and merchants whom we will be asking to help us create a good base of free, high quality content for new residents entering Second Life through our gateway.
  • Third and perhaps most importantly, it engages us with you, the existing Second Life population, in hopes of finding the best volunteers to spend time on the regions helping new residents who come into Second Life through our gateway.

We need your help!

We firmly believe that good new user retention comes from a formula. An immersive world we have thanks to Daddio Dow; engaging activities we will have thanks to MadPea. But we’re still missing content and humans to complete the formula. The goal is to get people hooked on Second Life right from the start, but we need your help to do it! If you are interested in helping, please contact the following people with a notecard:

  • If you’d like to teach classes (not Firestorm-specific): Ed Merryman;
  • If you’d like to donate free items for newbies: Amaya Summers;
  • If you’d like to volunteer as a helper/mentor in the gateway: Gateway Manager Flossy Andrew.

Huge thank you to Spooky Mistwallow, who has invested so much time organizing and managing this hunt!

Click for HUNT HINTS