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Archive for September, 2015

Firestorm’s 5th Year Anniversary Celebrations!


Join us today as we celebrate crossing into our 5th year of providing the most popular viewer in Second Life and virtual worlds! Five years we’ve been together as a team developing and supporting first the Phoenix Viewer and then the Firestorm Viewer used in Second Life and on other grids. It is a testament to the character of each individual on the team as they have all donated their time on a volunteer basis to provide the best experience possible for our end users.


We have a huge party planned starting at 1pm Sept 3rd (regions open at 12:30, so come early!) We have some amazing gifts to give out too!
SLURLS: SB Showcase HS1
Overflow: Support

Fs 5 ani with mankind tracer1PM – 2PM. We open the event with a live performance by the ever popular Seth Regan (Mankind Tracer), who has been performing live in Second Life since 2006. Seth Regan, a native New Yorker now residing in California, is a singer/songwriter who writes music that speaks to his audience through very relatable experiences and insights. His sound combines classic and progressive rock influences with a modern pop/rock vibe.


Firestorm Poster 3 sept. copy2PM – 2:30PM A Light, Life & Love performance by the amazing Changhigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow! These folks have created and designed a unique and extremely powerful fire-dancing show, full of lighting effects of many different kinds, all created, scripted and available inside Second Life, using fire balls, prims, particles and poofers, lasers, sparks, smokes and other kinds of realistic light displays.



2015-09-03 - 10.10.13 ~ capture2:30pm – 3:30PM DjQuad Radio will be spinning up the dance tunes in an hour long DJ set!

3:30PM – Whenever! Ed Merryman, will start his traditional marathon DJ set, taking requests until there are none left! Last year he ran for 17 hours!


Once again we have some wonderful collectible gifts created by generous vendors just for you on this anniversary occasion!

u0-cus-d2-d0e30dbeabd6e5737d25b875ed549768^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrKittyCats! has created a stunning FireFlurry commemorative cat for our 5th birthday!!! This fully interactive pet is loaded with features. You can hold it, play with it, pet it, have it walk around with you and more! We’re thrilled to have this limited edition item for our 5th birthday as a gridwide gift and hope you will enjoy this “great ball of fire”! It’s a purrfect pet for this occasion and for your Second Life! You can pick up FireFlurry at the party locations or at the KittyCats! in-world location. Re-delivery here.

The Fennux Breedables are giving us a couple of hassle-free pets this year! The Holdable version allows your avatar to hug in your arms this never-before-seen, limited edition Firestorm Fennux. The Running Pet will follow alongside your avatar no matter where you go in SL. Both of these Fennuxes do not require any form of maintenance to keep around as they are made to be completely free. You can pick yours up at the party or have it delivered to you via the Marketplace (not live until 12:30).


DMM 1941 Firestorm Rider_002Desert Morning Motors
adds, “This is to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Phoenix-Firestorm Project; it is my pleasure to present to you this Modified 1941 Cafe style racer. Thank you not only for having taken the time to come fetch this magnificently designed bike but for your support and use of the Firestorm Viewer, as it is for you that we work tirelessly to create the best possible experience for you, here in Second Life.” Get the bike at the party locations, at the Desert Morning Motors in-world store, or on Marketplace (not live until 12:30).



Psst! Our 5th Anniversary!

September 3rd is our 5th year anniversary, and as with previous years we’re going to celebrate with a bang!

Fs 5 ani with mankind tracerLive Concert with the one and only Seth Regan (Mankind Tracer), followed by a marathon Dance with DJQuad, cherished gifts for everyone and a very big surprise announcement!

Stay tuned to this blog on the 3rd for more information!