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Archive for July, 2015

Attention All Merchants!

Aug 3rd UPDATE: LL released Viewer Managed Marketplace today, you can download and use it on their viewer here. We hope to have a build in preview group by the end of the week, and a release mid week next week. We’ll have a blog post here once its available in our preview group.


Linden Lab announced on the 16th that they will begin migrating all merchant sellers from Direct Delivery to Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM for short) today, and it is expected to take 1-2 weeks to complete. Once migrated, you will not be able to update or manage your Marketplace listings without a VMM-enabled viewer. You may see an announcement when logging into Marketplace that looks like this. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, not even LL has a VMM viewer formally released; however, they do have a release candidate viewer you can download from their alternate viewers page here. 

Firestorm does not have VMM released yet, but we are working as hard as we can to get it through our QA and into the Firestorm Preview group ASAP so that merchants can access its functionality prior to our official release. We were not expecting such a tight deadline but hope to have something in preview early next week.

We do not merge code from LL out of the order the lab releases it, and since they have other RCs in the works, we can’t merge VMM code into our repository yet.

In the meantime, once migrated you can use the LL VMM RC viewer, CoolVL viewer, or Black Dragon Viewer.


More information about Viewer Managed Marketplace:
LL Announcement

LL Knolwedge Base with video tutorials



Progress Report

When is the next release?

Many of you will recall our last beta release version 4.7.1 was to be followed with a full release within six weeks; however, as you have noticed, this hasn’t happened. Our next release is dependent on a few things but most importantly on some updates and project releases from Linden Lab. Those of you using 4.7.1 have probably noticed attachment problems (this is why it was a beta). Linden Lab has been working on fixing those issues, and we’ve been waiting for that chunk of code. We’ve also been waiting for Experience Tools and Viewer Managed Marketplace to be release so that we can release them around the same time.

The good news is that Linden Lab has released Experience Tools and, now, the attachment fixes known as Project Bigbird. We are merging those into our code base now and hope to see Viewer Managed Marketplace released in the next week or two. Once we have all three of those projects in place we will be going into release mode and hope to get a new and really important release out within a few weeks after that. We’ve also got some nice RLVa updates coming from Kitty Barnett of Catznip viewer. So the answer to when is the next release is SOON! But not before it’s ready.

Removal of Interface Translations

2015-07-15 - 13.06.36 ~ captureThere was a time when Linden Lab had the interface translated in multiple languages, and we did, too, since we are based on the Linden code. However, as time passed, new additions to the interface were added, and the translation of these interface elements fell behind. Today most translated language interfaces actually contain more English than the chosen language, and it is becoming more and more difficult to merge these half-translated UI elements with upstream code. So we’ve decided that since these languages are incomplete and the code merges take too much time away from the development of new code and bug fixes, we are going to remove them as an option until such a time as we get some dedicated volunteers interested in translating and maintaining those languages.

Languages that will not be in the upcoming release are Danish, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish and Chinese. The languages we are keeping are Polish, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian and of course English.

Those who log in on any of the languages to be removed will default to English.

We would love to bring these back, though, so if you are interested in providing UI translations and maintaining them long-term, please read this page carefully — — for information about how to provide translations and drop us an email at expressing your interest.

Please note that UI translation involves more work than merely providing the terms for the correct language. Volunteers must be comfortable with editing and properly formatting xml files or should be able to learn how to do so.


Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc