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Archive for April, 2014

Questions & Answers


Q&A Video and transcript

now available at the following link thanks to Pantera and Inara.


It is that time again! We’ll be hosting our (second Saturday of every month) Q&A this Saturday April 12th at 4pm SLT. We will have some announcements as well as field your questions and complaints. As always, the meeting will be recorded on video and later transcribed for those who could not attend. If you have questions but are unable to attend feel free to post them as a comment on this blog post and they will be answered during the Q&A.

Topics include but not limited to…

  • Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability bug and how it effects you
  • Revisiting why we block old viewer versions and how.
  • Lets talk a bit about Firestorm DUI
  • Upcoming release! Really? Another one already! Maybe!
  • Whatever else comes up.

Region fills up fast so come early!

Blocking version


We will be applying a block on our version Thursday evening of this week. Only users on this version will be effected.

It is being blocked because it is nearly a year old and does not support any of the major improvements LL has made over the past year like Materials, Server Side Appearance or Fitted Mesh. Also because of our promise to only allow 3 versions on the grid at any given time. 4.4.0 is now our 4th oldest.

As of today’s statistics from LL there are approximately 5500 users on this build. If you are one of them please update NOW rather than wait until you cannot log in and have to scramble to download our latest.


Again… If you are using 4.4.2 or newer this will not have any impact on you.
While this block WILL effect Opensim grids it will be the last as we have the ability in all newer builds to block independently from grid to grid.

EDIT: There has been concern and accusations that we are using back doors or trojans in order to implement our viewer blocks. To address this I have created a wiki page explaining exactly how this system works. This can be read here

Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc

The real joke… DUI is no joke!

Firestorm DUI is real folks!

If you fell for this year’s April Fools joke fooled ya! Don’t feel bad, though—most folks were fooled! If you didn’t fall for it, kudos for being so clever!!!
The whole thing was carefully designed and worded to misdirect and lead you to make the incorrect “assumption” it was a joke just like Firestorm Mobile was last year; however, Firestorm DUI is indeed real… really!

But Firestorm DUI is little more than a very early proof-of-concept that a dynamic user interface is in fact possible with virtual world viewers. It can be done! Viewer windows can be broken free of the viewer window constraints. Widely considering it a “Holy Grail feature,” many developers over the years have gone to great efforts to accomplish this, but it has always been thought to require an enormous amount of code refactoring. However, our very own Nicky Dasmijn managed to come up with this proof of concept in a relatively short amount of time, and we hope that will translate to this functionality being available in the future. I would like to see functionality that lets people create interface layout presets based on activities they take part in. A layout for roleplay, one for combat, one for shopping, etc., which can be saved and called on with the click of a mouse, much like the way Adobe products work.

DUI is not a release! In its current state only the communication, inventory, radar and build floaters operate independently of the main window. With more work, all windows should be capable of this functionality, but it is important to note this viewer is not really usable as it is. The panels cannot be resized, items cannot be dragged out of inventory, comms floater cannot be scrolled easily, etc., etc. It is certainly not supported, it is not beta, it is not alpha, it is not even pre alpha. This is a proof-of-concept only and at the moment only runs on Windows. As for when you can expect to see it in a release state…. When it is ready!

Our intent for DUI!

We are releasing this code as is in the hopes that all opensource developers out there, third party viewers included, will pick it up, fix it, improve it, expand its capabilities, polish it and most importantly share it with one another. It is my hope that this may become a catalyst in renewing the dwindling interest in viewer development among inactive developers, inspire new innovations and ultimately open up a whole new realm of possibilities for virtual world viewer technology that all users can prosper from regardless of viewer choice. Lets make this a global standard!


We are not assigning the gentleman’s agreement on this work… it’s too important to make this about credit or who releases it first. What is most important here is that this work be shared, and hopefully we can even all manage to cooperate together, exchange ideas, etc.

Download the proof of concept viewer here: Firestorm DUI
Download the DIFF here…



Jessica Lyon (and the whole team!)