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Archive for March, 2014

Introducing Firestorm DUI!!!

Last year we brought you Firestorm Mobile! for Tablets, Smart Phones and Stupid phones! This year we bring you Firestorm DUI!

If you are unable to see the embedded video please follow this link. Firestorm DUI!!!


Happy April Fools Day!


Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc.

Questions & Answers Saturday 8AM

We will have a Q&A Saturday at 8am SLT

UPDATE Transcripts and video:

A transcription/summary can be read here:
The recorded video of the Q&A can be seen here:


Topics include but are not limited to:
– Release
– Anti-virus falsely flagging Firestorm
– A talk about our release cycle times
– Other stuff
– Your questions and our answers to them.

Be early! region fills up fast.

Major Firestorm Release

Firestorm released to the wild!

This release has been a long time coming and took an enormous amount of work to get out to you in its stable state. It contains a lot of new features, loads of bug fixes, crash fixes and stability and compatibility improvements. Along with the usual formats, we are also offering a fully supported Windows 64-bit version and a Linux x64 Beta.

Change Log: For a complete list of features, changes and fixes, please visit the CHANGE LOG and/or view Inara Pey’s BLOG POST, which has in-depth descriptions of most of the important stuff. A list of key items is included below, as well, but is by no means complete.

Clean Install: We always advise that you perform clean installs when updating.

Downloads: Can be found on our Downloads page linked at the top navigation bar of this website. (Please note we are using a new download server for this release and have no idea how well it will perform. Please be patient if downloads are slow.)

Support: As always, if you have any issues or questions please feel free to contact support. However, we ask that you please be patient during the first 48 hours, as this is when we will be most busy, and we are all just volunteers trying to help in our spare time.

Change Summary

Linden Lab features:
– Fitted mesh; LINK
– HTTP network improvements;
– SL Share feature;  LINK
– Better region/parcel access controls;
– More obvious region restart notifications (screen shake and audible alarm); LINK
– Request Teleport feature. LINK

New Firestorm-specific features and improvements:
– Merge to LL 3.7.2 current;
– Updates to FmodEx, KDU and RLVa 1.4.9;
– Phototools updates and improvements! VIDEO TUTORIAL Documentation
– Import avatar shapes from Linden Gene Pool format;
– Export of materials-enabled objects;
– Animation Explorer;
– Contact Sets redesigned to be more user friendly;
– MiniMap improvements and features; LINK
– Area Search improvements and features;
– Group member list export to CSV;
– Spam protection overhauled and improved;
– Ability to search chat transcripts within the viewer.

Bug fixes:
– Avatar no longer falls into the ground when editing shape/wearables; LINK
– Receive group notices/messages settings now work reliably and consistently; LINK and LINK
– Delete key now works when deleting object contents;
– Materials offsets now work correctly; LINK and LINK
– Fixed SLurl / Map links failing to open inworld from external sources (again);
– Favorites now display on login screen for Resident accounts; LINK
– Remove From Outfit now deactivates gestures as well as taking off items (Lance Corrimal); LINK
– Bridge-assisted teleports now disabled to respect region teleport routings and restrictions. You can no longer teleport in regions with teleport routings. LINK (Sorry… we had to.)
– Many more…

Stability and performance improvements:
– Too many to list here… See CHANGE LOG



Jessica Lyon and the entire Phoenix-Firestorm Team.