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Archive for October, 2013

Firestorm Public Beta and Win64 Alpha releases!

Firestorm Public Beta (for all supported Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems)

We had hoped to be able to have all the latest Linden Lab bug fixes and service improvements in our next release, but it looks like it’ll be another month or two before that code is ready from LL. But we also wanted to get a release out before 2014 with the latest (released) code from LL and the latest Firestorm development work. This includes new features like Content Import/Export and Collada Export, plus new features from LL like Materials, ribbon particles, etc. Click for the completeChange LogandKnown Issues. Unfortunately we only have a small window of time to get a release out before 2014 due to the coming holidays, so we haven’t had time to polish it up to our normal quality standards; thus we are calling this a BETA. This means it should be considered a fully supported release, but expect it to have some quirky bugs here and there. Upgrading to it is recommended but not mandatory. You can grab the Public Beta release from our Downloads page. CLEAN INSTALL RECOMMENDED!


Firestorm Public “Experimental Alpha” (Windows 64bit)

This release, regarded as separate from the Beta announced above, is a 64bit Firestorm Viewer for 64bit Windows operating systems. This build has had very little testing, and we expect it to have bugs we don’t know about and don’t know how to help you with. Thus it is ALPHA and experimental. Also note that not all of our support or developers can run it. Please consider it unsupported and please do not come to support asking questions that have already been answered on THIS PAGE. If you do, they will send you back to that page. This is an experiment and should be considered pioneer territory for those of you who are adventurous-minded! If you are looking for something stable that has been tested and is supported… please use the normal download mentioned above.

Viewers for 64bit Windows have been requested for years, but it’s never been done until just recently. We do not know if it will have tangible notable benefits or not, so we throw it out to you in hopes of receiving in return your thoughts, feelings and findings! If you are adventurous, please feel free to try it; after you’ve been using it for about a week, we’d be interested in your findings. To provide your feedback please email; subject should be “x64 feedback”. Click the following link to download the 64bit alpha and read information about it like known issues, whether it will work on your computer, etc.

Who should use the Alpha: Adventurous people who have 64bit Windows operating systems.
Who should not use it: Folks without 64bit Windows operating systems and/or folks who prefer something stable, tested and supported. If this is you, please refer back to the Beta described at the top.
Have questions about it? Read:
Where to download it:

We hope to have Linux 64bit Alpha before too long and possibly even Mac 64bit Alpha, so stay tuned.


Firestorm Q&A video and transcript

This past Saturday we held another Question and Answer meeting with our users. Many questions were asked and answered regarding the x64bit and this Public Beta release. We recommend you watch the video and/or read the transcript from Inara Pey’s Blog here.


Blocking of all versions below 4.4.0

We have given ample notice already and are now giving final notice. There are still a lot of people on old versions of Firestorm out there, versions that not only cannot see avatar textures correctly anymore but in some cases also don’t see mesh. We will be blocking all Firestorm versions below 4.4.0 on the 15th of November. Please update now!


Enjoy the release!
The Phoenix Firestorm Project Team.

Upcoming Q&A and Epic Halloween Party!

Firestorm Question and Answer user meeting Saturday.

In light of the surprise release of the upcoming Firestorm public beta and the Windows 64bit releases, we will be hosting another Question and Answer session this Saturday at 4pm SLT. Region space will be limited. Presenters will be speaking primarily in voice, with questions from the audience in text. The meeting will be recorded on video and transcribed into text for those who can’t make it.

If you have questions you would like to get covered but you won’t be able to join us, please leave your questions in the comments to this blog post. We’ll do our best to address them during the Q&A, and you’ll be able to view our responses in the video or transcript later. We may or may not be able to answer every question, but this will help us to know what you’re interested in hearing about.

What: Your questions, our answers. Firestorm Q&A!
When: Saturday Oct 26th @ 4PM SLT
Why: Because we care.
Who: The Firestorm folks and you!

Firestorm Halloween Party with Mankind Tracer Sunday!

We’ve begun to get a reputation for throwing great parties, and this one will certainly be no different, with one of SL’s most famous music artists opening for us! The one and only Mankind Tracer / Seth Regan will be getting the party started at our 4th annual Halloween party with an hour-long live performance! You don’t want to miss this one, and you absolutely should be in costume! Region space will be limited, but the party will continue on until there is no one left!

What: Best Halloween Party EVER! Bring a costume!
When: Sunday Oct 27th @ 1PM SLT.
Why: Because we love parties!
Who: Seth Regan Music, aka Mankind Tracer!


Firestorm 64bit for Windows o.0

Firestorm Win64 (experimental)

At our last Q&A event the question came up asking whether we would ever release a Linux 64bit. I stated that we would, at some point, and that it is possible we may or may not have already been working on a 64bit version for Windows. I also stated that we hadn’t found a huge benefit to this but were still considering it. Well… perhaps we should let you all decide that for yourselves. For those of you who watch our code repository you may have spotted a large code drop by our very own NickyD (Firestorm Lead Dev) a few days ago that referenced Windows 64bit. If you’re not sure what 64bit means? click here.

Yes, we will be releasing a Windows 64bit version of Firestorm, hopefully a Linux 64bit version and in the future possibly a Mac 64bit. The first release of this, however, will be called ALPHA and experimental. To my knowledge, this is the first time any viewer has succeeded in building and releasing a true 64bit version for Windows, (though since our 64bit code became available there are other viewers scooping it up and actively trying to release it before us as I type this). But anyways…  Please understand anything labeled experimental should be considered pioneer territory for those of you who are adventurous. It may be stable… it may not be stable. It may work perfectly or it may not work at all. We’ll be hoping those of you who try it will give us feedback to let us know.

Firestorm Public Beta Release on the way

We’ve been hoping that we could get the latest LL code into this next release to give you all the latest improvements from LL. But as it turns out, this code has been slower to materialize than we had hoped, and at this rate, by the time LL releases it and we merge it… we’ll be into the new year. We really want to get Materials, DAE Export and other things we’ve been working on out to you before 2014, so we’ve decided to release a public beta. A public beta means it is an optional update for you if you should choose to use it. It also means it may or may not meet our typical quality standards and most certainly will have bugs. However, what viewer ever doesn’t have bugs? It should be more than acceptable for your daily use.

When can you expect all this new shiny?

By the end of this month! 😉 Stay tuned!


Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc.