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Archive for December, 2012

Reports of Pink with 31155

We’ve had some reports of pink screen in the release of from people on ATI cards. This is a driver issue with ATI and there are ways to fix it. Please see the following link if you have pink screen issues.

Firestorm Major Release

The time has come once again to deliver to our users another “major” update of the Firestorm Viewer. We may not have the shortest release cycles compared to other TPVs, but our updates do carry a LOT of value. This release is certainly no different, with a HUGE list of new features, bug fixes and improvements.

Major Release Feature Highlights…

* Fully integrated Phototools & Cameratools for photographers and machinima makers by Paperwork (our newest member):
    – Phototools is a phenomenally powerful interface for creating visually stunning and breathtaking environments best suited for Photographers and Videographers.
    – Cameratools gives you far more control over your camera, including the ability to save camera position presets.
    – Click to see examples of what can be done.
    – Click for documentation on Phototools.
    – Click for documentation on Cameratools.
    – Or best of all… click for the amazing video tutorials!

* V1 Search functionality revival by our newest developer, Cinder Roxley:
    – Cinder wasted no time making her mark on the project by bringing to Firestorm one of the single most requested options since V2 came out.
    – V1 Search is available under the Content menu as “Legacy Search” and as a Toolbar button.
    – Ability to search People, Groups, Places and Classifieds. 
    – This optional search method is a work in progress, more to come!
Script recovery by Kitty Barnett of Catznip Viewer:
    – Open scripts are auto-saved locally every 60 seconds. 
    – In the event of a viewer crash, backed up copies of the scripts are presented to the user and returned to the Lost & Found folder if the user chooses. (More info)

New Area Search, completely rewritten and vastly improved by Techwolf Lupindo:
    – Lightning fast results
    – Improved interface.
    – Loads of filters and options.
Fully customizable Viewer Sounds by another new developer of ours, Panterapolnocy:
    – Find them in Preferences > Sound & Media > “UI Sounds 1” and “UI Sounds 2.”
    – Allows you to change the default viewer sounds to anything you have in your inventory via Copy > UUID. 
    – Gives you options to play or not play particular sounds as well. 
    – Report collision messages to scripts;
    – Texture refresh on sculpties;
* Flickr snapshot upload improvements and fixes by Katharine Berry of Exodus (ty!);
* New Toolbar buttons;
* and on and on and on… 

IMPORTANT: Because of the many skin and settings changes/improvements/adjustments we’ve made it is especially important that you perform a clean install of this build.

OpenSim has a build, too, with lots of improvements and fixes as well! 

The Phoenix Firestorm Team