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Archive for September, 2012

Firestorm earns #1 spot in popularity and crash rate!

Belated Happy 2nd Anniversary!
We’ve been so busy lately, we didn’t even realize until Monday that Sunday, Sept 2nd, was our 2nd year anniversary as a team! Time sure flies!

And what have we achieved in two years?

– Lowest crash rate ever!
This morning we got our crash rate in for our latest release and it’s at 8.54% according to Linden Lab’s Statistics!!! This is an all time record low crash rate for any v2/v3 viewer in recorded history! It even beats the current crash rate for LL’s aging but stable 1.23 viewer!

– Firestorm beats Phoenix as #1 viewer in SL!
Furthermore, we also received an email through the opensource-dev mailing list from Oz Linden this morning that stated the following:

“On behalf of Linden Lab, I’d like to extend congratulations to the
Firestorm Viewer team.

Last week, Firestorm took over the #1 spot on the list of Second Life
viewers in terms of total user time, surpassing its elder cousin,
Phoenix.  The Phoenix viewer still has a slight lead in number of
sessions, but Firestorm viewer sessions are on average significantly
longer – which may in turn be due in part to its substantially better

The Firestorm team has worked long and hard to support users who want
both the latest Second Life features being developed by Linden Lab and
the additional capabilities you provide, and this achievement is one you
can all be proud of.  Thank you.

What does it all mean?
I use our viewer statistics as a measurement of how well we are accomplishing our goal of improving the user experience. The fact that Firestorm is now the most popular viewer in Second Life AND is the most stable viewer tells me we’re doing it right!

I couldn’t be more proud of our Development Team, our Support Team and our QA and Beta Testers than I am today. Achieving what we have can only be done through team effort and a lot of it! But more than that, I want to thank all of you, our users. Through the last two years you’ve supported us, trusted us, guided us to what we’ve been doing right and what we’re doing wrong. You’ve helped set the temperature to when we’re moving closer or further away from improving your experience, and we’ve listened. We couldn’t have reached this level of success without you as well!

Thank you Developers, Support, Beta Testers and Users!


Jessica Lyon
Proud Project Manager!
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc