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Archive for March, 2012

The Phoenix Hour – Policy Q&A Recording

The Recording
On Tuesday we had a very large Q&A discussion about the new additions to the Third Party Viewer Policy. All four of Rockcliffe U’s regions were filled with 75 people each and despite numerous region crashes, griefer attacks, and stream┬ádisruptions we managed to get through it. You can watch the video here

Interview with Oz Linden
I’ve also secured an interview with Oz Linden himself! The interview will take place this Wednesday, March 7th at 3PM SLT. I hope to get some solid answers from Oz and LL with some real clarifications and facts about the policy changes. The interview will be done in a private region but you will be able to participate and ask questions through the live stream. More information on that to come. Stay tuned to this blog.

Jessica Lyon