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Archive for December, 2011

Happy Holidays from the team!

Wow time flies! It seems like just a year ago we were wishing all of our friends and users out there a Merry Christmas!… err…come to think about it….It was a year ago!  Ha! 😉

On behalf of everyone here at The Phoenix Viewer Project we would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or happy whatever it is you celebrate at this joyous time of year.

We would also like to wish you wonderful, safe holidays and a fantastic New Year!


The Phoenix Viewer Project Inc.

Q&A Results and recording

On Saturday, Dec 17th we held a Q&A for our users. Of course not everyone was able to attend but it was recorded and the link to that recording is posted below. But I would like to just summarize the important bits for those of you who don’t wish to watch the recording.

In summary…
Q. Why are you killing Phoenix viewer?
A. We are not killing Phoenix or V1 viewers, LL informed us on an unofficial basis that they intend to turn off server side functionality which V1 viewers rely on. Originally the time line was by the end of this year, that has obviously changed however the reality is still the same.

Q. Why have you given up on Phoenix even knowing how many people still use it?
A. We have not given up on Phoenix. We made a promise some time ago that we would continue to keep Phoenix Viewer alive as long as it is feasibly possible and sensible. However our focus is now on developing a viewer you will ‘want’ to use when the time comes that V1 and Phoenix alternatives are gone. Is Firestorm ready for all of you? not yet… but we’re still working on it. But if we spend large time commitments on Phoenix it puts us behind in our efforts to make Firestorm your acceptable alternative. We will not go back on our word, we will continue to maintain Phoenix but at a slower rate than we have in the past. We will keep it alive until it is no longer feasible.

Q. What makes you so sure LL will actually kill V1, with so many people on it they can’t afford to kill it.
A. LL is in an awkward position in regards to V1 viewers, at the moment they can’t afford to kill it and they can’t afford not too. But ultimately  we know LL will deprecate V1 viewers because it is not economically viable to remain profitable while V1’s are still around. Financially LL can’t afford to continue to maintain server side support and protocols for a viewer which is unable to adopt new and innovative features in a timely fashion. LL needs to see returns on investments like new features far sooner than V1’s can adopt those features. And if LL cannot continue to innovate and improve their services and platform in a timely fashion, Second Life will stagnate. If LL cannot make a profit we will all lose far more than just V1. This is why we know V1 viewers have a short shelf life. V1 hinders their revenue stream.

You can watch the full video recording here

Thanks to Rockcliffe University for allowing us to use their 4 region auditorium for this venue.

Special thanks to Chantal Harvey who pulled herself away from her busy schedule on half an hours notice to record this for us. Those of you who don’t know Chantal, she is an authority in the Machinima community in SL and abroad. As a token of our appreciation for taking the time to help us I’ve included her logo and ask you to pay her website a visit.
Click here to visit her website or click here to see her blog.

Lets have a conversation. Your Q’s, Our answers.

Lets Talk…

There has been a great amount of anger, frustration, confusion, misunderstanding, fighting and tension among our users with regards to the status and future of the Phoenix and Firestorm Viewers. I think it’s time we give you a venue to constructively vent, have your questions/concerns answered and allow me to explain our position.

I have organized a Q&A event that will be held in the Rockcliffe Universities 4 region auditorium. It will be hosted by Nigma Sterling of Rockcliffe Uni. The format will be similar to our Office Hours with a host taking questions and me answering them. The event will be video recorded and made available for those who cannot attend. We will take questions both from the audience and from the comments section of THIS blog post. So if you will not be able to attend but have questions, concerns or criticism you want answered please write them down as a comment on this blog post. But do note, I will not answer things like “You suck!”, “Your viewer sucks!”, “I don’t like it”. Questions, concerns and Constructive criticism only. That means you need to provide actual reasons for your complaints so that I can address those reasons.

This is your chance to be heard, please try to be there if you can.

The Q&A will be held this Saturday 1PM Second Life time at the Rockliffe university regions with the following landmarks. 
Note: Due to the amount of people we expect to arrive, please arrive early and use the following landmarks based on the first letter of your first name.

A – I:
J – R:
S – Z:


Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Viewer Project, Inc