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Archive for December, 2010

An Informational Update

Our 725 Release Candidate has been a huge success however it didn’t go out without a few bugs. Thanks to the input from our users we have been able to pinpoint, isolate and fix them. Our final big release is scheduled to be out before Christmas, with most if not all of those major issues and many minor issues resolved, including those annoying viewer freezes. We will also have full Display Name support.

During our Office Hour on Tuesday we discussed all of these issues and announced what we’ve added for the final release. As well, announced the winners of their “Photoshop Jessica Lyon Contest”. Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for your participation. You can see all entries here and you can watch the Office Hour recording and all others here, .

We are very much looking forward to getting this final “BIG” release out to you for Christmas. There will be more releases in the future too, but they will contain mostly bug fixes. We call this our “Final” because it’s the last release we’ll have with major changes and new features.

NOTE: Please note that we cannot provide support reliably through the comments section of this blog. If you are having problems or have questions please contact our support team. Support team members and our support groups are listed under the “Support” link on our website. Release!

What you should know before logging in.
Secondary Attachments Migration, what to expect:

Multi Attachment system FAQ:

The day has finally come!
 The Phoenix Viewer is a Release Candidate because we want to be absolutely certain everything is how it should be. We are also aware that there are still a few bugs which need to be worked out and a few more things we want to add to it before we make it a final release. Although we are calling this a release candidate we WILL be providing full support for it and it can be treated as an Official Release.

We have loads of documentation and feel it is very important that our users read it because there has been a lot of changes made that might confuse you if you’re not aware of them when you first log in. For this reason, we also ask that you link your friends to this blog page rather than the direct download link. You would be doing them injustice otherwise. Download links are at the bottom of this post, we will be adding the download links to our main downloads page in a few days.

Among many other things in this release, we have Parcel Based Windlight settings, Altitude based Windlight settings (sky boxes), Display name support, Multi attachment system, Inventory links… and much much more… so much more.


What you should know before logging in.
Secondary Attachments Migration, what to expect:

Multi Attachment system FAQ:

Whats New:

Parcel and Altitude based Windlight:

Parcel and Altitude Windlight Video:

Inventory links:

Inventory Links Video:

Display Names Video:

Download Links:




Nov 30th Office Hour & Contest info

The Office Hour!

Yesterday’s office hour was a lot of fun! We talked all about some of the great new features coming out in Friday’s release, explained how to use them, what to expect with the new Multi attachment system and inventory links. Introduced our new youtube channel for Phoenix Viewer Tutorials here.. and much much more! If you missed the office hour you can watch the recording here… .


During the office hour I was holding up some signs to help our viewers understand certain things. While doing so, the great folks at decided to make a fun contest called “Photoshop Jessica Lyon”. They are giving away $5000L for First Prize! $2500L for Second Prize and $1000L for Third Prize. Everyone is welcome to join the contest! For more information on the contest visit…

The Phoenix Viewer Team