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Enjoy virtual roleplay from the comfort and convenience of your home using Firestorm, our free app. Enjoy the freedom of being completely anonymous. Feel safe to express yourself any way you like. Play one role, or many. You choose your limits in a world where you'll find many exciting role players, just like you.

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Customize your avatar as much as you like in virtual reality

One of the reasons millions of people love to role play in virtual reality is because they can make their avatars look like anything they want.

You can create your own avatar for free, or choose from thousands of pre-made options in our marketplace. 

Kick ass as a maiden warrior in Arthurian times. Swindle pirates as a swashbuckling hero. Trawl the dark streets as a vampire, werewolf or zombie. The only limit is your imagination.

You can be anything you want to be.

Here's why people love virtual reality role play*:

Jennifer says:

My favourite is historical roleplay. I didn't even know something like this existed and was blown away by how fun much it was. Living where I do, it's not always easy to meet new people. Roleplaying in virtual reality has given me the opportunity to make friends with interesting people from all over the world. 

Jennifer, from Germany

Peter says:

I've had the best time crafting my first avatar as the perfect alter-ego and made lots of new friends who are into science fiction role play. Some have even introduced me to other role play sims, where I've created other characters to play. It's a lot of fun.

Peter, from USA

Joan says:

Role playing in virtual reality lets me try on completely different characters and personalities. To be honest, it's all about the costumes for me! There are so many available - I can easily spend hours and hours just having fun dressing up my avatar, before I even go to the beautiful role play locations.

Joan, from the United Kingdom

Express an entirely different side of you

Something tells us you're just... well... different from everyone else. 

You want to express your creativity. You want to free yourself from the constraints of your body. You want to embody a whole new you... for a while.

By joining one of our many roleplay communities, you'll have that chance. And you'll meet thousands of others that want to live a life defined by different edges.

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