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OnLive announces SL Go subscriptions with Linden Dollars!

One of their most common requests… users want to be able to pay for SL Go in Lindens instead of Paypal or Credit Card.

Well OnLive heard you and they’ve just made it possible! Today they announced on their blog that you can now sign up for SL Go to use the SLV or Firestorm Viewers through their service with weekly subscriptions paid with L$!

The sign up location is on their Support Region in world at the following slurl.

ALSO! Stay tuned for a follow up announcement we are very excited about ourselves! Sooner than you think!!


Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc.

TTT – Clean Install the easy way


One of the drawbacks to a viewer with so many options is that more things can go wrong. Viewer crashes, computer crashes and sometimes just interrupted viewer shut downs can sometimes result in corrupt cache or settings files, and that often results in unpredictable weirdness. Cleaning your settings is really the fastest and easiest way to fix weirdness and we ask users to do it a lot but for most it seems like a complicated task. In this weeks video I demonstrate in a few steps how to protect your chat logs forever, backup clean settings, wipe old settings and then restore your clean settings very quickly and easily without raising your blood pressure or breaking a sweat. This one has been asked for a lot so I hope it helps!

TTT = Command Line!


The most frequently used features in Firestorm can be accessed and used without so much as a single click! You can do all kinds of things with just a few keystrokes!