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Firestorm Release


We arrive once again at that time to update your version of the ever popular Firestorm Viewer.  Most notably this version brings Firestorm up to LL’s version 3.7.8 with Project Interesting. With which you will undoubtedly find world rendering to be much faster when logging into SL or teleporting around. This version also comes with a lot of bug fixes and a few cool new things.

To list just a very small few…

* Project interesting (Big improvement in scene render speed)
* Fixed for the Mac Cocoa bug – Alt-clicking while moving the mouse can move the camera significantly now fixed for most.
* Fixed Flickr upload
* Distant avatars now animate at the correct speed when avatar imposters are disabled
* Mac 64bit beta!
* Much more.
For a complete list of changes, fixes, features and known issues please see the CHANGE LOG.

Nice Summary by Inara Pey as well:

NOTE: As a result of our policy to keep only 3 versions running, we will be blocking version 4.5.1 beta in the coming weeks. If you are on 4.5.1 please update now. Version 4.4.2 will continue to remain for Mac users until all the major Cocoa Mac bugs have been resolved. However, if you are not a Mac user there is absolutely no excuse for you to be still on  a version as old as 4.4.2. Please update as well. 

The Firestorm Team.

Regarding false rumor LL blocked Firestorm

We’ve been receiving reports of concern from our users today over another user by the name of Holger Gilruth. Holger has apparently decided to state on his blog that we have been stealing login data and that LL has blocked Firestorm and removed us from the Third Party Viewer Directory.  His motivation for such nonsense seems to be because we haven’t issued an update yet to address the flickr uploader problem update is right around the corner by the way!

Please do not be concerned, there is not a single ounce of truth to any of it. In fact Firestorm project is in better standing with LL today than it has ever been. We have never and will never steal login data, nor could we get away with it even if we tried, as our code is opensource and monitored by hundreds of developers and self compilers. Had any of this been true you can be assured that you would have heard from LL first long before some random user started posting it on their blog.

You can find our listing on the Third Party Viewer Directory here where it has always been

It is a shame some people have nothing better to do than to spread rumors, lies and panic. Please feel free to contact Holger Gilruth and tell him how you feel.


Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc.

Second Life moving forward. What you should know.


QUESTION: ”Does Linden Lab have plans, either near or far, to shut down Second Life…”
ANSWER: ”No. Absolutely not… ” – Pete Linden

As most people know by now we held a special Q&A meeting with Oz and Pete linden. We were joined by about 600 residents in world and on the stream. The goal of the Q&A was to get straight answers from LL on the future of Second Life. The result was not only that SL will continue but that LL has plenty of current and future plans to continue improving it. Second Life still has a bright future.

If you are worried about Second life, this is Q&A was for you. Please take the time to watch the video or read one of the follow up blogs by Inara or Nalates! Links below.


Special thank you to Oz and Pete Linden for attending the Q&A and LL for allowing it. Thank you to Saffia Widdershins, Mal Burns, Ejla, Petlove Petshop, Chakat Northspring, Inara, Nalates and everyone else who helped make this event reach the community of Second Life.

Second Life still has a bright future ahead of it! Our second lives look bright! Lets enjoy it folks!

Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc