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Second Life needs YOU!

Second Life Needs YOU!

(I will do my best to keep my opinions out of this post while promising I will voice it sometime soon in some other more appropriate venue. For this I will stick to the facts. JL)

New Second Life platform to come from Linden Lab

Many of you have heard by now that Ebbe Linden (CEO @ LL) slipped news at Friday’s Third Party Viewer Meeting that LL is moving resources to developing a new platform, a next-generation platform built “in the spirit of Second Life.” I will provide links to related media and articles at the bottom of this post, and I highly encourage you to read them to form your own opinions. But for now, here are a few facts as we know them.

  • The current plan is that the new platform will not be open source at least initially. (This means there will be no Third Party Viewer alternatives at least initially, and there will be a new viewer built by LL.) This could change over the course of time.
  • LL intends to continue maintaining and developing Second Life while they develop the new platform and will operate them in parallel even after the new platform is launched. SL will remain as long as it is profitable for LL to continue operating it.
  • The new platform will be built “in the spirit of Second Life” and will put focus on content creators as the primary customer. LL wants to make it so good SL users will want to migrate to it.
  • Assets (inventory) from Second Life will “likely” not be transferable because they do not want to constrain what is possible by maintaing backwards compatibility. This wasn’t said with complete certainty, though, which suggests some content may be permitted.
  • Second Life will continue to be improved, albeit on a smaller scale. Oz Linden is now Technical Director and in charge of a small team who will keep development in SL going.
  • This new platform is still in very early stages, and it is unlikely even a beta will be seen before next year.


For some, this will be very exciting news and for others it will come as very scary news. For most it will create a level of uncertainty toward the future of our current virtual world. I’ve read and heard some people stating they will now stop buying content, stop building, sell their land, etc., wondering what’s the point. Please don’t do this! Whether you are on the side of keeping SL alive and well or not, this type of action/reaction is the worst you can do for all of us.

Personally, while I would love to see a new platform succeed I would also like to see Second Life thrive well into the future, but it is going to need a boost! Here is where you come in!

Where you come in!

Your opinion matters more than ever! Think of one thing, whether a feature, fix, improvement or whatever, that you feel will achieve the following goals best and drop it in a comment on this post.

  1. What will add the greatest value to existing users?
  2. What will attract new users to Second Life?
  3. What will improve profit margins for LL by encouraging spending among all its users? This can include anything from Premium signups to land sales to user-generated content sales.
  4. What can do these things without breaking existing content and without requiring changes in LL policies?

We are looking for a magic silver bullet to give Oz that can be introduced to SL to make it bigger and better than ever before!
Lets hope you have it! Good luck, and in the meantime keep doing as you always do! Also, don’t panic!


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Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc

Another Q&A May 17, Today!

UPDATE: Transcript is up thanks to Inara Pey once again.


We’ll be holding our monthly Questions and Answers meeting May 17th at 8AM SLT. That’s today!

We have no major topics for this one so come prepared with questions for us to answer or problems we can help you with.


New Release!

Another release! Already? Yes! Already!

We know it’s only been about two months since we issued 4.6.1 to you but we’ve been very busy since then and have accumulated a few new features, a LOT of bug fixes and performance improvements worthy of an early update! This addresses a great many of the common complaints we heard about with the last release and we expect this to be a big improvement for our user community. Even Mac users get some love this time around! Please get the downloads from our DOWNLOADS PAGE.


Highlights! (Not all by us and in no particular order! Please see full change log for full credits and authors of all work)

  • Voice fixes including latest Vivox Voice update, hear voice volume equally from everyone and voice works with multiple viewer instances as well.
  • Merge to LL 3.7.3 Codebase
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.1g due to Heartbleed exploit.
  • Improved frame rate and performance on the 64bit version.
  • New preferences for builders, scripters and animators like prevent avatar from turning when selecting objects, preview animations on own avatar, constrain rotations to multiples of x degrees, and more.
  • Added features and fixes for combat users like avatar mark options in radar, name tag color override from marks and fixed tracker markers.
  • Improved Movelock  including the ability to move while engaged, text notifications when enabled/disabled and more.
  • Mac operating system gets some love with bug, crash and performance fixes like copy/pasting no longer appends garbage at end, sticky keys fixed, fullscreen functionality, view transparent shortcut.
  • Fixed: Moobs male avatar chest rendering issues effecting attachments and all worn mesh types.

For a full list please see our CHANGE LOG



Jessica Lyon and the Firestorm Project Team!