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Firestorm’s 2017 Halloween Party!

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The annual Firestorm Halloween Party happens this Saturday, Oct 28th starting at 1pm SLT!


The show kicks off with the amazing Changhigh Sisters Fireshow! Light, Life & LOVE where they will dazzle you with their stunning visual effects and story telling. Perfectly suited for our spooky Halloween event space!





Wild Kajaera has once again graciously sponsored a gorgeous gift!  A Firestorm Gray Wolf limited edition pet!
The gift will be available at the start of the event and for a period of time after that at Kajaera’s discretion.
We are proud and excited to be a part of the Halloween Firestorm event this year.  We have chosen to give out one of our Gray Wolves with an exclusive Fur Color Strain with a Bloody tooth.  This is a Non Eating animal at the present moment and will be yours to enjoy. This is a special animal with a BlueFire Eye.  As a gift it will be your steadfast companion.  Visit our location to check all the wonderful toys they can play with. WK Wild  Kajaera
Visit their website here 



We will be partying on the Firestorm Major Events space split between 4 regions, so lots of room for everyone! We’d love to see everyone in costume and dozens of hours have been invested in building an incredibly spooky event for all! Hope to see you all there!

The Firestorm Team

  • How do I get the wolf offered by wild kajaera? I’ve clicked open all the links, went to their store and sl marketplace and can’t find it. Can you help?


    November 8, 2017

  • Hi Kelsea,
    If you teleport to you will see 3 vendors for the wolf.
    Just click on one of the vendors & you will be sent the gift.

    Whirly Fizzle

    November 8, 2017

  • THANK YOU so much!! I got one.


    November 10, 2017

  • What is the future of SL now after FCC.? When even LL is saying FCC put SL to jepardy and it might be , extra fees gonna come an dyou must pay to have access.? Also LL has said , it gonna effecr to each and everyone in SL , every single player gonna feel it , creator or not . So is or gonna SL die or turn to be extreme expensive, now and forever.? Tysm !


    December 17, 2017


    Added this link where it all has been said more than clear !


    December 17, 2017