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Travel is as easy as a mouse-click

One of the reasons millions of people love to explore virtual reality is because they can explore in so many ways.

You can walk. You can fly. You can sail the seas. You can ride motorcycles or drive cars of every description. And if you're in a real hurry, you can even teleport.

There's no end to the multitude of places to explore, by yourself, or with friends. Even better, it's safe, convenient, and free to do!

One day you might even create a place yourself that thousands of people will visit.

Here's why people love exploring
in virtual reality*:

Anna says:

I love to travel and virtual reality opens up many opportunities to explore. I can visit a beach in the middle of winter or go skiing in July. And it's easy. I just turn on my computer and ask: "Where do I want to go today?" I can usually find what I'm looking for.

Anna, from The Netherlands

Robert says:

We Aussies like to walkabout, and there isn't any easier way to do it than to log into virtual reality and get lost for hours on end. I love flying most of all. You'd be amazed at how real it feels - as if you're really there. Best part: No jetlag!

Robert, from Australia

Janine says:

I never imagined I'd feel so immersed in virtual places, but I find myself spending hours exploring beautifully detailed, lovingly-crafted worlds that make me feel like I'm in a far away place and thousands of miles away from home. It's wonderful :)

Janine, from Canada

Immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery

When you explore virtual reality you're not just looking at scenery, you're in the scenery.

There are thousands of places you can explore. Visit a virtual reality version of Paris or Tuscany. Visit re-creations of places that are distant memories - like ancient Rome or medieval Europe. You can even visit places that don't yet exist, like the inside of a space ship or an underwater city.

There's nothing quite like immersing yourself in virtual reality. Sometimes, it's even better than being there.

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