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Eighth Year! EIGHT YEARS, Firestormers!

Holy smokes! Can you believe it? It’s been EIGHT years now since we began this project. Over eight, really, since our actual anniversary date was September 3rd. In those eight years we have accomplished a lot, and we look forward to much more in the years ahead.

But to celebrate the past eight, our events coordinator, Jolie Serendipity, has put together an awesome lineup of performances and a wonderful gift from Kajaera. We are celebrating our accomplishments, yes … but we’re also celebrating YOU—our users—because we couldn’t have lasted a month without the ongoing support from our community, much less eight whole years!

We hope to see as many of you join us as we can fit into four regions! If you can’t get in, KEEP TRYING!

Firestorm Anniversary Celebration!!!

Sunday, September 23rd, starting at 3 pm and going until 6 pm SLT


What an event it’s going to be!


WILD KAJAERA has generously created and is donating a unique, beautiful, FIERY, Forever Pet, Mustang Horse for all Second Life residents to enjoy. WHAT A GIFT! It’s so magical that it needs no food to keep it healthy and happy. PLUS, if you want, you can convert it to a breedable (imagine the offspring). Thank you SO much for this gorgeous gift, Kajaera! I encourage everyone to check out Wild Kajaera’s website as they have a huge list of other animals to offer, too.

This gift will be available at the party area during the party and for a week or two afterwards. Use the SLURLs above to find it.



Noma Falta will be performing an amazing live concert for us from 3 to 4 pm SLT.

DJ Trick Rembrandt will be spinning and mixing some GREAT tunes for us from 4 to 5 pm SLT.

CHANGHIGH SISTERS FIRESHOW will be ending this event with a magical show of Light, Life and Love around 5 pm.
Check them out on Facebook!


Happy Anniversary, Firestormers!!!

Jessica Lyon and the Firestorm Team.


  • 8 Jahre? Seid ihr sicher?
    Also als ich vor 8 Jahren nach SL kam, war FS noch nicht am Horizont zu sehen, dafür aber Emerald. Ich weiß echt nicht, wie ihr auf 8 Jahre kommt??? lol

    Ito Hotaru

    September 23, 2018

  • Ich denke, das musst du zusammen mit dem Phoenix-Viewer sehen, dem Vorläufer von Firestorm, und dann kommt das mit 2010 schon hin.


    But why do you start to share informations about celebrations just some hours before they happen?

    Wolf Eriksen

    September 24, 2018

  • Happy eight years Firestorm, but one complaint is all! Can we lower the resource usage by firestorm? Seriously; it is a killer.s’s all I ask for! Happy birthday.

    Samanthaprater Resident

    September 25, 2018

  • 8 Years and the UI still looks like someone threw up on the screen. I really wish you guys would have a default viewer skin that looks like the well-polished Second Life Viewer + Firestorm functionality. I’ve requested this via the Jira but got some bullshit excuse about “too many files/lines of code” meanwhile, I created just such skin myself by simple changing the color scheme in the file and copy/pasting the folder of default viewer images. It’s just annoying that I have to do that with every single update in order to have a viewer that doesn’t look like vomit. Also, the rendering engine used by Firestorm; Kakadu Software, is it? Doesn’t look as good as the default SL viewer. Anyway , now that I’m done bitching, I’d like to thank the FS team for the awesome feature set. I try look past the hideous interface and sub-par rendering for the sake of enjoying all the epic features, thanks for that! Keep up the good work! I just wish you had better UI designers, cuz damn… *holds back vomit*

    David Venter

    October 12, 2018

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