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Create your world from the comfort and convenience of your home using Firestorm, our free virtual reality app. Enjoy the freedom to build any type of place and update it whenever you like.

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Design your dream home







Or design a whole town in virtual reality

Here's why people love
decorating in virtual reality*:

Sarah says:

I caught the bug after I made my first beach house. After I finished, I kept wanting to do more and more. So I expanded my virtual land, and eventually bought a whole region. Today, over a hundred people visit it everyday. It's been a great journey and I've learned so much from doing it.

Sarah, from USA

Amrita says:

I lose all sense of time when I'm designing themed rooms in virtual reality. It's a calming, almost meditative process to start from a bare space and furnish it three dimensionally. When I'm done I'll then take pictures and start all over again.

Amrita, from The United Kingdom

Sven says:

I've always had a keen interest in interior decorating, but my job has nothing to do with that and my flat is much too small to do much with. In virtual reality, I have no limits with what I can build. Now I like to take inspiration from real life places, and simulate them in 3D.

Sven, from Sweden

Your space,
your rules

It's a designer's dream. Choose from hundreds of thousands of home and garden items in every style imaginable to design your virtual space.

If you like you can even make everything from scratch.

Design the summer beach house you've always wanted. See every last detail of your dream kitchen in 3D. Build your very own country manor or design that hip modern bar you've been secretly hoping to open.

After you've completed your virtual space, you can enjoy it in private or share it with anyone you want.

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