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Firestorm’s FED UP with Winter Party!


That’s it! We’re fed up! FED UP with winter! So we’re throwing a marathon party starting Saturday at 12PM to celebrate spring!

Seth Regan PosterIt’ll be headlined by the award winning veteran SL performer Seth Regan/Mankind Tracer! Seth has been considered the “Rock Star” of SL for over eight years and is a long time friend to the Firestorm Team. You can hear some of Seth’s music on his website:, youtube channel or on Facebook!

After the concert DJ Ed Merryman will be spinning the tunes in his usual way—that is, until he cannot spin them any longer due to human exhaustion!


Everyone is invited—or as many as can fit into the region. Saturday starting at 12pm SLT! Here is the SLurl Phoenix Firestorm Support (129,115,2735) 

Hope to see you there!

The Firestorm Team!

Firestorm Mobile! For real this time!

Check your calendars, it isn’t April 1st! Super excited!!!

OnLive just announced that Firestorm Mobile is now available for use with Android and iOS devices through their SL Go Streaming service! (Sorry, stupid phones are not supported).

OnLive offers a free seven-day, no-obligation trial to kick the tires and see if it meets your needs. If you like it they offer subscriptions by credit card, by Paypal or with in-world $Lindens.

Please have a read of their official blog post on the subject for more information, and we hope you enjoy Firestorm Mobile!

NOTE: OnLive isn’t available in all countries. They state, “At this time, the OnLive Game Service is supported for these service regions: United States, Canada, the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales), the Netherlands and Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden). If you are located outside of these supported regions, your experience may be impacted due to your distance from our data centers.”

‘Restore to last Position’ needs you!

In a recent meeting, Linden Lab mentioned that they are considering blocking the  “Restore to Last Position” functionality at the server level. This is because it results in permanent content loss if it fails when using it on no-copy items. Since version 4.6.7, Firestorm has prevented the feature from being used on no-copy items as a simple measure to prevent loss, but the underlying issue here is that LL doesn’t understand the feature’s value to residents who use or rely on it.

Kicking, screaming and calling foul will not save this feature, nor will criticizing LL or anyone else for not understanding it. In fact, actions like that will speed up its demise. What will save it, however, is a well-structured set of use cases that demonstrate clearly and concisely how useful and valuable this feature is to you.

If you use this feature and would like to see it stick around, please leave a comment on this post detailing how you use it and why it is valuable to you. In a week’s time we will extract the best use cases and formulate an email to LL that will demonstrate both the feature’s value and its usefulness.

Please be civil in your comments and with each other!

Jessica Lyon