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Phoenix Firestorm Project turns 4! PARTY TIME!



Epic Party, Epic Gifts and Epic Performance by Mankind Tracer!

September 3rd we turn four! Hard to believe, but it has already been four years since we started developing viewers! First the popular Phoenix Viewer and now of course the crazy popular Firestorm Viewer. Firestorm is by far the most popular viewer used in Second Life, and we have you to thank for that! After all, we couldn’t have done it without your support and encouragement! So as a show of our appreciation and with what is becoming a bit of a tradition for us, we have partnered with a couple of content creators to bring you some really cool free gifts and organized a rockin’ anniversary party with rockin’ entertainment!

Collectible Gifts!

KITTYCATS-FIRESTORM-FIREBALL-ADKittyCats! gives us another adorable Firestorm Commemorative Kitty bursting with personality and cuteness! This interactive little feline is called a “FireBall” and is an absolutely wonderful companion for your Second Life! Like last year’s cat, he/she doesn’t need food or anything like that, just a place to move around and lots of love! The FireBall kitty comes with a party hat, engraved collar and cute matching bed! You can even hold it, play with it and have it walk around with you!
LOCATIONS: At the party


Chateu Village KittyCatS Breedable Market
Enchanted KittyCats
The Kat Shack
The KittyBox
KittyCatS! Sim & Store
Nacht’s Landing
Pixel Paws KittyCatSMarket
The ScratchN Post
Sweet Whiskers Kittycats & Gacha Market
Too Adorable KIttyCatS Market/Too Adorable Felines

Firestorm Bike


Desert Morning Motors has donated a breathtakingly beautiful cafe-style custom Firestorm Easy Rider. This bike was inspired by the classic American motorcycles of the late 1930s to the late 1960s, which saw a lot of changes within the motorcycle industry. This brought the introduction of the first flat-head V-twin engines—near the end of the Great Depression with American motorcycles and the 1960′s when the American Chopper started to emerge—which captured the free untamed spirit of those old motorcycle riders of old.



The Party of all parties!

Starts at 1PM SLT, Wednesday Sept 3rd!
…hint: good chance the gifts will be there too ;)

At 1PM the one and only Seth Regan (Mankind Tracer) will be FIRING things up for us with a special live performance!  After that, Ed will be spinning the tunes in the DJ booth pretty much until there is no one left. Last year it went for like 18 hours+ …we might beat that this year!

About Seth:
sr_logo_indexKnown around Second Life and the metaverse since 2006 for live performance, Seth performs his amazing original music and the best rock/pop hits from the ’60s through today. His shows are always full of energy and are very often driven by audience requests from his vast repertoire. The vibe at his shows is always uplifting and tons of fun! Check out his website at

Soon to block version 4.5.1


4.5.1 on the chopping block.

The time is quickly approaching where we once again do an “In with the new, out with the old” block of our 4th oldest version. This time around it’s version 4.5.1 on the chopping block. When we initiate the block, folks on 4.5.1 will get a notification when they launch the viewer indicating it can no longer log in and that they must update to something newer. For those already on newer versions need not worry as you are not effected by this.


We will block it on the 12th of September. That means if you are running version 4.5.1 (which none of you should be), you should update as soon as possible. If you wait until the last minute to update you will have a harder time reaching support since most people seem to wait until the last minute and then contact support for help.

4.4.2 is still safe for Mac users as many are unable to use newer versions due to Mac specific bugs in more recent versions. However only Mac users with these problems on later versions should be on version 4.4.2, everyone else should absolutely be on a newer version.

(Why we block)


P.S. Stay tuned here for some exciting news around the end of the weekend! 

Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc

Firestorm Release


We arrive once again at that time to update your version of the ever popular Firestorm Viewer.  Most notably this version brings Firestorm up to LL’s version 3.7.8 with Project Interesting. With which you will undoubtedly find world rendering to be much faster when logging into SL or teleporting around. This version also comes with a lot of bug fixes and a few cool new things.

To list just a very small few…

* Project interesting (Big improvement in scene render speed)
* Fixed for the Mac Cocoa bug – Alt-clicking while moving the mouse can move the camera significantly now fixed for most.
* Fixed Flickr upload
* Distant avatars now animate at the correct speed when avatar imposters are disabled
* Mac 64bit beta!
* Much more.
For a complete list of changes, fixes, features and known issues please see the CHANGE LOG.

Nice Summary by Inara Pey as well:

NOTE: As a result of our policy to keep only 3 versions running, we will be blocking version 4.5.1 beta in the coming weeks. If you are on 4.5.1 please update now. Version 4.4.2 will continue to remain for Mac users until all the major Cocoa Mac bugs have been resolved. However, if you are not a Mac user there is absolutely no excuse for you to be still on  a version as old as 4.4.2. Please update as well. 

The Firestorm Team.