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Second Life moving forward. What you should know.


QUESTION: ”Does Linden Lab have plans, either near or far, to shut down Second Life…”
ANSWER: ”No. Absolutely not… ” – Pete Linden

As most people know by now we held a special Q&A meeting with Oz and Pete linden. We were joined by about 600 residents in world and on the stream. The goal of the Q&A was to get straight answers from LL on the future of Second Life. The result was not only that SL will continue but that LL has plenty of current and future plans to continue improving it. Second Life still has a bright future.

If you are worried about Second life, this is Q&A was for you. Please take the time to watch the video or read one of the follow up blogs by Inara or Nalates! Links below.


Special thank you to Oz and Pete Linden for attending the Q&A and LL for allowing it. Thank you to Saffia Widdershins, Mal Burns, Ejla, Petlove Petshop, Chakat Northspring, Inara, Nalates and everyone else who helped make this event reach the community of Second Life.

Second Life still has a bright future ahead of it! Our second lives look bright! Lets enjoy it folks!

Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc

Future of Second Life Q&A with Linden guests


We will be hosting a very special Question and Answer meeting on Wednesday July 2nd at 7AM SLT in the Firestorm Auditorium with Oz Linden (Technical Director of Second Life) and possibly Pete Linden (Director of communications at Second Life).


Topic: The Future of Second Life.

The discussion will ONLY be about the future of our current beloved platform ‘Second Life’ and will not venture into the new platform currently under development. Lets hear what LL has planned for Second Life as there is plenty of time for questions about the new platform at a later date.


For those who cannot attend

  • Seating is limited, come early.
  • The event will be recorded and posted here once rendered, as well as transcribed and summarized by Inara Pey.
  • The event will be live streamed  Questions will be monitored from the stream.
  • If you have questions to ask please leave them in a comment on this blog post and I will try to get through as many as I can during the show.
    All questions must be on topic about Second Life and not the new platform.


Location and time

Wednesday, July 2nd at 7AM SLT.


Jessica Lyon’s Opinion

Firstly, thank you all for commenting in the previous post, nearing 600 comments now and still growing. It is a real mix of responses ranging everywhere from level headed to total panic ridden people to some really good suggestions on how to improve our current Second Life. Thank you all for that and over the coming days I will sort through and read each one, taking from it the ones that actually stayed on topic and provided suggestions on what features would be most valuable. I will hand deliver these to Oz Linden.

Jessica Lyon’s take on things…

But now I’ll take the liberty to voice my opinions as I promised I would. The following video is an hour long talk I had with Saffia Widdershins at SL11B and as many residents as the region could hold earlier today. The topic was “THE FUTURE OF SECOND LIFE” and covered obviously the future of second life as well as speculations on the new virtual world platform LL is developing. I also discussed my feelings on the general reaction folks are having to the news. Please take the time to watch it.

Video without textual feedback from the audience.
Video WITH textural feedback from the audience:
Text summary by Nalates Urriah
(Opinions expressed in the recording are those of Jessica Lyon and do not necessarily reflect those of the Firestorm Project or its members)

Special note to Linden Lab Executives: Please watch the last 10 minutes of the first video if nothing else.