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Firestorm on SL Go!


Can your computer get 50FPS in a crowded region with a draw distance of 256 at full ultra with shadows graphics settings? It can now! For several months now we have been quietly working with OnLive towards the goal of giving users a way to use Firestorm on computers and mobile devices with OnLive’s SL Go app. Gah! It’s been so hard keeping a secret!


We are very excited to announce that OnLive has just released Firestorm in their SL Go app, allowing you to run it on your PCs, Mac computers and soon on mobile devices! What’s most exciting about this is how it enables residents on older computers and less capable laptops to experience Second Life and Opensim on ultra graphics without spending hundreds or thousands to upgrade their systems. It’s an affordable way for everyone to experience the full potential and beauty of SL with high framerates and great performance! You can read the official OnLive press release


How it works…

Onlive is essentially a streaming service. They host Firestorm and the SL Viewer on their many servers and stream video of a viewer’s interface and graphics to your computer screen while relaying your key and mouse inputs back to the viewer. This allows you to use graphically intensive games and applications without weighting down your own computer. In many ways it is like a remote desktop allowing you to manipulate the computer you are connected to with your own computer or mobile device. And since the computers on which OnLive hosts Firestorm are very high-end machines, you can run SL with full ultra graphics, shadows and everything without the drop in performance that highly detailed graphics usually cause!

In this first version for OnLive you may find a few things disabled. For example, file pickers have been disabled, settings backup/restore cannot be used yet, voice is disabled etc. But rest assured in near future iterations these will be fixed and enabled again to work on your local machine, providing you the ability to save snapshots to your computer and upload from it. It is our hope that near-full functionality of the Firestorm Viewer will be a reality very soon. We have prepared a wiki section to answer most questions you may have:


Firestorm Mobile coming soon! For real this time!

A couple of years ago we fooled a great many of you with the April Fools Day joke “Firestorm Mobile for Tablets, Smart phones and Stupid phones!” The excitement over the idea of a mobile Firestorm, as well as the outcry when everyone realized it wasn’t true, were somewhat overwhelming to put it mildly. It became very evident that there really are a great many of you who would absolutely love the ability to run Firestorm with its full interface on your mobile devices. The good news is that OnLive is making this capability a reality very soon, and that is no joke!


It isn’t free, but is very affordable!

Obviously OnLive has to pay for their servers, bandwidth, technology and staff, so this service is not free the way the volunteer-run Firestorm Project is. But at US$9.95 a month it sure is a lot cheaper than upgrading your computer to new hardware. OnLive offers a free, cancel anytime 7-day trial so we encourage you to give it a go!

As a show of their appreciation for the business, OnLive has offered to pay for a translation service in Firestorm Viewer. This will work in both the OnLive Firestorm version and our own, which will allow everyone to once again have an automatic translation system running in Firestorm full time. We hope to have that implemented in our next release.


We expect you will all have many questions, so on Sunday, December 21st, we will be hosting a very special Q&A in our auditorium at 1pm SLT. The event will be streamed live, recorded and transcribed for those who cannot attend. Here is the location:

Stay tuned to our blog for updates on this.

Firestorm Hotfix now available.

After releasing we discovered a few bugs that affect just enough users to warrant a hotfix update. However, if none of the issues addressed in this hotfix affect you personally there is no need for you to update to it.

The issues are listed below.

We have replaced the 42969 links with the new version 42974 on our download pages.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc

Firestorm Release!

‘Tis the season… for bug fixes!

We frequently hear from our users that you wish we would spend less time on features and more time on bugs, well this is definitely that release. With this maintenance update we bring you a few great new features but HUNDREDS of bug fixes and improvements! I’m looking forward to seeing if bug fixes really are as important as features based on how many of you update this time around!

Some feature highlights include…

  • Group ban functionality by Linden Lab
  • Search functionality for Preferences and Menu items.
  • Autoresponse can now include an inventory item
  • Displayed columns in radar now customizable
  • New replace inventory links option
  • Right-click mouse walk by Singularity

Far too many bug fixes and improvements to list… please see the change log which can be found here.


  • We highly recommended you perform a clean install this time around.
  • ATI/AMD video card users be advised. The latest driver offering 14.12 and beta drivers 14.9.2, 14.11.1 and 14.11.2 from AMD breaks rigged mesh rendering. More info here
  • Version 4.6.1 will be blocked in the new year.



With that, I will leave this blog post short and sweet so we have room for our BIG surprise announcement next week! ;-)

Stay tuned!


Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc.