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LL changes to group member lists

We’ve been getting some complaints about group member lists not loading for some groups… here is why…

Linden Lab recently made some changes to groups. A group with over 5000 members will no longer load the list of members unless you are an owner or officer in the group OR if you’ve been assigned to a role in the group which gives you the ability to load the list. This change was made in order to reduce server load and help reduce other group issues like group chat lag.

This is not a viewer bug, it is intended behavior.

For more information about this change please have a look over at Inara Pey’s post here.

Jira’s related to this change are BUG-9404BUG-9428, and BUG-9393


The Firestorm Team.

Firestorm Major Update

Firestorm Major Public Beta

This is considered a major update due to the sheer volume of changes, improvements, features and bug fixes in this release, but we are releasing it as a public beta on account of some attachment bugs we picked up when merging LL’s AISv3 code and some RLVa issues. Aside from these, though, most testers found this to be a big improvement over our last release. Linden Lab is aware of the attachment issues and is working on releasing code to address these problems, and we will have those fixes with a follow-up release still to be announced. The JIRA issue for this is HERE.

This release brings us to near-parity with LL. While an unprecedented amount of work went into it, it will not count against the three-release rule, since it is a public beta, but it is fully supported by our support team. We highly encourage you to try it, but you’re welcome to roll back if you are unhappy with it.

For a summary of all the major new features and improvements in this release, please see Inara Pey’s Firestorm 4.7.1 Blog post. 

Just too much for a highlight list! CHANGE LOG


The Phoenix Firestorm Team.

SL Marketplace Merchants listen up!


If you create and sell content in Second Life and you haven’t heard of the upcoming “Viewer Managed Marketplace” changes; listen up because this impacts you! We’ve all ranted at some point or another that Linden Lab doesn’t listen to our feedback enough. Well things have changed and LL HAS been listening and asking, but getting very little return from it. Now is your chance to have a voice, be heard and be part of the development process! While this is not a vote, the expression still fits “If you don’t vote you can’t complain”. 

This Friday LL is hosting an inworld feedback session in hopes to hear from merchants and viewer developers about the upcoming marketplace changes. If you aren’t familiar with Viewer Managed marketplace there is plenty of information available. LL Links below! Please try out their beta and provide feedback on Friday!

LL Invitation to their feedback session.

LL Info about the beta launch including a Torley Video!

Members of the Firestorm team will be there and we hope to see some merchants too!

Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc.